Planning and Giving a Speech in Three Hours

Scott Guthrie (head of C+AI where I worked) always wears a Red Polo when speaking, so figured I’d include that somewhere here

Image: GitHub, Inc. All rights reserved.

I wanted to recap my experience of deciding to give a talk three hours before it happened.

What I Learned from the Open Source Club

Open Source Club Logo

I started the Open Source Club at the University of Florida in part to teach others about the open source movement. However, I did not expect to learn and grow as much as I did along the way.

Thoughts on Photography

Me taking a picture of me

Photography has become one of my favorite hobbies (not to mention half the reason for this website), so I wanted to talk a about why I like it and my approach to photography.

Thoughts on The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi poster

My review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Thoughts on Android TV

Android TV set up

Android TV as a platform is a great way to stream all your media and cut the cord… almost.

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