Brother's Rocking Wedding Speech

A wedding cake with a geode pattern

The pebble loved it!

My brother was married recently. I wanted to provide him and his wife some advice, but felt I needed to do something a bit more fun. On to the speech!

Hello all,

I wanted this to be a speech that Jacob could remember and that Abigail could remind him of. So I’m going to take advantage of Jacob’s other love: rocks.

In an effort to help you avoid a rocky-start to your marriage, I have a list of advice. So let’s dig in.

  • Open and frequent communication is the bedrock for any relationship. Regardless of how you feel, never forget to chalk about it together.
  • Over time you will discover challenges about living with one another. There will be some give and take as you sort through those. Be patient and remember, you have your own faults too.
  • An argument or disagreement doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. Don’t let a single quarry fracture the feelings you have for one another.
  • You don’t need to boulder problems alone. You are each other’s best supporters. You’ll find things are easier when you share the lode.
  • There is a difference between living life together and spending time together. Don’t be sedimentary at home all the time. Go on dates and be intentional with your time together. Do things both a tectonic plate away and those right outside your door.
  • This is one of your most important relationships, but it’s not the only one that matters. Spend time with friends and family and don’t let those connections sulfur.
  • Keep in mind you don’t have to do everything together. Enjoy time doing your thing, by yourself. For instance strata hobby or cobble together a craft.
  • Finally, a relationship is like the rock cycle. Sometimes there is a lot of pressure, internal and external. At other times, some erosion and cooling. And if you’re lucky, some crystallization of what matters. Things will look different from where they started, but if you hold together, you’ll be happy with what you find. It might even be a diamond.
  • Oh and of quartz, remember to always say you lava each other, and don’t take each other for granite.
  • That was the last one, I pumice.

Rock on you two, er, I mean mineral on!

Best wishes

Till next time,
- Matthew Booe