Breaking my Photography Streak

The last photo of my streak

One thousand and five hundred photos later, my streak of photo uploads has ended.

What streak?

I have posted about my photography philosophy previously. The TLDR about the streak: in an effort to make me take photos often and improve my skills, I committed to posting a picture every single day. I was really proud of how long I had kept it up.

What happened?

Well, last Tuesday my streak ended. I simply forgot to check if there was an upload.

A lot has happened: I moved across the country, started working full time, changed my habits. I checked my personal to-do list less frequently and missed the task about uploading more pictures.

It really hurt to realize this thing I had a lot of pride in, was no more.

What now?

“Those things that hurt, instruct.” - Benjamin Franklin

If I learned nothing else from my entrepreneurship classes, every failure or obstacle is just another chance to succeed.

Though I was really happy with my 1500 uploads (which was a really lucky number to land on), I had known for a while that some of the photos I uploaded weren’t as good as they could of been as I rushed to shoot, edit, and upload enough to keep pace.

So I’ve decided to further my skill, I will focus on quality of content over sheer quantity. I’ll still have a regular upload schedule to keep my actively taking and looking for pictures. So, I’ll upload every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the foreseeable future. I hope those that do keep tabs on my photography will understand the change and appreciate an improvement in my photos in the coming weeks. Thank you as always for reading.

Till next time,
- Matthew Booe

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