Matthew Posing Dramatically

Hello there, my name is Matthew Booe. I’m a nerd, lover of Star Wars, and all things tech. Oh and did I mention open source?

What I’m up to

As of 2/8/21

  • I am working full time at Microsoft’s Developer Division in Redmond, WA
  • Wanting to pursue some side projects involving the distributed web, the IndieWeb, and Rust


One of my favorite hobbies. Most of it is macro photography (as in, close up stuff). I started posting a picture a day back in July 13, 2015 on my old Tumblr blog. I did this to help force myself to make time for photography and improve my skills.

You’ll notice a little helmet-less Lego Stormtrooper and toy stegosaurus appearing in a lot of my pictures. Their names are Blue and Oscar respectively. Blue likes to leave comments, so keep an eye out for those.


  • This image was the source for the site logo